About Our Organization

The Program

Infant Swim of America was established July 28th, 2010. We began as a Nebraska nonprofit corporation and an IRS 501 (c) (3) exempt organization. The desire of this organization is to proactively fund multiple aspects of water safety awareness, focusing primarily on developing water safety skills in children through aquatic curriculum, uniform certification of instructors, and parental involvement.

    Our first priority is to be able to provide a training curriculum center, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the heart of our nation. The training center will be the core of our infant swim recovery lessons and our instructor certification program. Those wishing to learn the infant swim recovery techniques can enroll from anywhere in the world through our website, and take the required certification classes at our training center.

     In addition to instructor certification, the training center will be used as much as possible for teaching infant swim recovery techniques to children to help reduce and prevent accidental drownings in our country…an accidental death that can so easily be prevented.

     In order for all children to experience the life-saving benefits of recovery lessons, Infant Swim of America has a goal to also provide reduced tuition to those meeting ISA guidelines, as well as scholarships which can be used towards instructor certification fees. ​

Our commitment to water safety is year-round. No matter the season, we're here to help both adults and children learn to swim. Call us to schedule a spot in our next water safety class, which includes not only swimming lessons but also water safety skills. Click here to check location availability

For every true drowning, there are between 4 and 9 near drowning incidents that

result in severe, traumatic complications. 
​88% of children that drowned did so during some form of supervision.

Drowning is the primary cause of accidental death under age 5.

The way to solve this problem of drowning is to prevent the accident itself.