Infant Swim of America, Inc.
Our Vision
 In a perfect, water-safe world, there would exist both a location and a program for those wishing to lay a safe, fun foundation for their child’s enjoyment in and near the water. Our vision is to construct such a world.
The Mission of ISA is to provide life-saving skills to a child, while offering water safety completion courses by parents to help them understand that THEY, too, must be preventative-drowning experts.  It is the mission of ISA to be used as a vehicle by which others may come, in an affordable atmosphere, to learn about how to teach these skills correctly, with nation-wide conformity and under the guidance of a Program Certified Instructor, in order to take these proven techniques to children in their area.
​ It is the desire of this organization to work together with other elite organizations in creating a complete profile depicting water safety and education in its entirety.
Our Mission

Jodi Sheets received the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation 

Float 4 Life Educator Award in recognition of her teachings in water-safety awareness. 

About our Organization 

Infant Swim of America was established July 28th, 2010. We began as a Nebraska nonprofit corporation and an IRS 501 (c) (3) exempt organization. The desire of this organization is to proactively bring
multiple aspects of water safety awareness into the spotlight, focusing primarily on developing water safety skills in children through aquatic curriculum, uniform certification of instructors, and parental involvement.